I Said Woo Hoo

The door to the garage swings open and in runs Brianna with something
in her hand. I step away from Fredd and walk towards her. Barely able
to speak, she pushes the EPT test to my face. Reference line?
Check. Test line?

A clear pink line, not as dark as the picture on the
box, but there is a line. As Brianna calls everyone she knows to tell
them the news, the line gets darker.

The big clunk you heard? That was
the sound of Brianna falling down the stairs as she ran to share the

Con-cep-tion /kən-'sep-shən/

This is the month I am in charge, we start the scientific way. An
ovulation kit consist of seven tests. It is mostly a hit or miss
process. Once a day, starting at your best guess of ‘the right time’
you start using the test. The test will indicate when the LH hormone
surges. After that you have about 72 hours of honeymoon style fun.