8 Weeks

Embryo Jones is now Fetus Jones.

The first official Ob visit was today, some of the things that happen to women during there exams makes me glad to be a man, yes I was there. The entire process led Cheryl to say the best thing I’ve heard come out of a doctor’s mouth, ‘Women have problems, Dusty’.

We have passed 8 weeks and now little Embryo Jones is called fetus Jones. Mom calls fetus Jones Dustette because she is sure it is a girl. Bri’s mom was worried enough after the exam to get some new photographs for you. At 8 weeks we present items a through b, enjoy.


Dusty Jones Day

Today is the official celebration day of ‘Dusty Jones Day’. Celebrate the day responsibly with a cold refreshing bottle of Rolling Rock(R) and a tasty slice of Tollhouse(TM) Pie. (Special thanks to Mom, Roxanne, and Brianna for pie (yes three of them)).


Baby Sonogram Images (Hailey's Gestation)

See the Baby Sonogram Images (Hailey's Gestation) set See the Baby Sonogram Images (Hailey’s Gestation) set.

Dustacio Release Candidate One

Release Candidate One of the Dusty Jones Foundation is currently in production.

Wow, four sonograms in the first 8 weeks. See little Embryo Jones. If you squint just right the darker portion is the baby.