In Local News

Scanner Repair

Last week the scanner went on a trip that
damaged the transparency light connector. I found a new 8 pin mini-din
connector at Altex Electronics, and some gold plated female socket
pins at Fry’s. I spent about 6 hours tracing connections and breathing
solder fumes. I can once again scan transparencies and negative (I
haven’t needed to yet, *but* that is not the point. I had to make it
work again.

We found the crib we want, and have agreed on a [ bedding set called
Sunshine][3], I may get out of this without painting the nursery,
again. No trucks and planes for us, we going with Pink Girlie
™ stuff.

A smashing [52-21 victory][4] for the longhorns at Chapel Hill. Our
favorite quarterback Chris Simms has managed to finish two games
without an interception. I am genuinely impressed with his
performance. I will be Mr. BBQ, this Saturday at the Houston-Texas
game. Is 2:00 p.m. too early for a 7:00 p.m. game? Hook-em.