Whatcha Looking For?

It’s been a lazy and slow ten days. For those of you that cared enough
to complain about the slow update schedule, Thank You.

In this edition: joys of the bleeding edge, more sonograms of Hailey,
and the suckage of Babies-‘R-Us.

The joys of the [bleeding edge][1]. Gentoo Linux has the newest
packages and an awesome dependency solving package management tool,
but updates break things more than I’m used to. I have invested much
time getting things just right. I can’t just switch distributions, the
bleeding edge has many pitfalls.

On Sunday night I updated the installed packages, I don’t remember
seeing any important packages in the updates list but my window
manager and my mail transfer agent stopped working. I didn’t notice
the mail problem until last night. I thought it was just a slow
week. The [spam filter][2] makes my mail configuration more convoluted
than it should be. Not using the spam filter makes reading mail
painful. Hopefully, I will get all the issues sorted out later today
or tomorrow.

Brianna had to go in for another visit on September 18th, everybody is
still OK. [Here][3] are some more pictures of Hailey.

Speaking of Hailey, we finally got our crib from Babies-‘R-Us. I
really hate that store. Each time we go, I like it less. Last weekend
we went in to buy our crib. We have been looking for a while so we
knew exactly what we wanted. We went to the furniture section of the
store and there were no associates available. Finally we found one guy
who worked in the furniture area, but he was helping somebody so we
had to wait for him to finish. Other associates meandered throughout
the area but since they weren’t assigned to the furniture area they
couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help.

We order our crib and go to the front of the store to stand in line
and give them our money. Buying baby things must be more complicated
than it seems to the outsider because the lines at Babies-‘R-Us move
slower than the financial advisers at Maxwell Ford. Finally, we have a
receipt and a promise of store arrival in 7-14 days.

Brianna is excited and can hardly wait for the crib to arrive. She
calls the store after seven days (Monday) to see if the crib is
in. It’s been here a while the person says. Great. I get home and
there is a message on the machine, our crib can be picked up any time.

We make arrangements with Frank to go pick it up on Tuesday. Frank and
I drive over after work to meet Brianna, who is rolling through the
store with an empty shopping cart and a shopping list the size of
Dakota. By the time I get there the shopping cart is full of baby
linens and coordinating accessories. The furniture associate has
stopped reading long enough to get our last name and say the the crib
will be up front when we check out. We go stand in line to give the
store some more of our money. Checking out on Tuesday is worse than
during the weekend. There are about five employees in customer
service, and zero registers open. Finally one register opens and a
line begins form, eventually extending to the furniture area.

The cashier is friendly and helpful, she even gives us a catalog with
some coupons that save us almost $50. We go stand by the customer
service booth to wait for our crib to come up front, but our crib
never comes, after hours of waiting it is determined that our crib has
never arrived, we were called in error. Hmm. Unsatisfied I get the
store manager’s business card and memorize the names of everybody
involved. Brianna is steaming, so I let her call on Wednesday to
straighten this out.

Brianna calls the next day but doesn’t get to do any complaining. The
store manager knows who she is before she even finishes her name. It
turns out that the crib is in, it was just misplaced. They will
deliver for free on Thursday.

It took about an hour to put the crib together and it looks good in
the nursery.

[1]: http://www.gentoo.org
[2]: http://spamassassin.taint.org/
[3]: /archives/2002/09/18/more_sonagrams_from_sid/