The Wish List

Hailey is registered at [Target][1], so why haven’t you bought
something yet? Come on cheapskate, she has needs you
know. Sheesh.

__Note:__ The fact that some persons may not understand
the humor in the preceding announcement has been brought to our
attention We strongly state that the preceding demand for gifts was in
fact a joke. Now go buy Hailey some gifts. Stop wasting time reading
the fine print. __Buy, Buy, Buy!__


Progress …

The rain continues to fall, and fall, and fall.

The [Polaroids][1] are up.

Brianna the work-a-holic, has gotten off the computer long enough to
allow more work on the custom BLOG tool. This is my new project to
increase the frequency of updates to this very site. The tool has
users, passwords, sections, search and any other feature I can think
to add. In its current state, it can output all the HTML that
comprises this site. Unfortunately, it can’t do updates yet. I’m
slowly working on fixing that. I have all the k-nowledge, I only need
a little more time.

The sites I like to read in my spare time have all been redesigning
lately. I like what I see. Most have harped on the importance of
[validation][2]. I too think validation is important, so I have been
making sure my day job’s intranet site validates (I have had an
internal mirror on my own server for some time). It seems that I had
gotten a little careless with the updates at work, but now everything
is well and all my pages validate.


It's Prom Night

*Enchantment Under the Sea*

>Remember your high school Prom? Wasn’t it the best time you ever had
in you life? Well, come re-live those memories!!

Best time of my life? I don’t know, I didn’t go to my high school
prom, but tonight Brianna and I are going to an “Enchantment Under
the Sea” Prom party. It should be fun. Everyone is of legal drinking
age so we don’t have to hide flasks in our jackets. It’s a fun
humorous gig, not a serious one. The party’s host is wearing a powder
blue tux complete with vintage 1970’s ruffles. The photos from this
event should be hysterical. I will definitely be taking my

__Maybe I can make some extra money black-mailing the

Burning Orange

I spent a sun filled Saturday at DKR Stadium watching the Horns squeak
by the OSU Cowboys. I moved from my usually scheduled section to sit
with the students in section 24. The kids are loud and full of emotion
and make the game much more bearable than the lax people that sit
around me in the south end zone. I found the left side of my face
burnt from the hours of constant easterly exposure.

Brianna couldn’t go to the game. She spent 3 of 5 working days at the
[Doctor’s office][1] while Nurse Sanna was at a conference in
Chicago. Brianna was told to take it easy. Baby Jones must have missed
her mammy. Roscoe might have missed Nurse Sanna too. He is back in the
hospital following foot surgery. This precautionary measure may help
prevent a worsening of a probable infection. Get well soon, they don’t
like hospital patients drinking beer in their rooms.

[1]: /articles/20021004.html


Sunday was home improvement time. Enter Exhibit A, the paint
brush. Notice the handle? We bought a juvenile bookshelf for the
baby’s room. I painted everything white and then went back and sprayed
the letters on the side in primary colors. The paint brush handle was
too long to fit in between the shelves, so I cut about two inches from
the end.

At The Doctor's Office

Brianna spent 3 of 5 days visiting the lovely folks at ARC. She and
the baby are OK. Here are some more sonograms of the every growing
baby. I guess that’s not a pillow in