Burning Orange

I spent a sun filled Saturday at DKR Stadium watching the Horns squeak
by the OSU Cowboys. I moved from my usually scheduled section to sit
with the students in section 24. The kids are loud and full of emotion
and make the game much more bearable than the lax people that sit
around me in the south end zone. I found the left side of my face
burnt from the hours of constant easterly exposure.

Brianna couldn’t go to the game. She spent 3 of 5 working days at the
[Doctor’s office][1] while Nurse Sanna was at a conference in
Chicago. Brianna was told to take it easy. Baby Jones must have missed
her mammy. Roscoe might have missed Nurse Sanna too. He is back in the
hospital following foot surgery. This precautionary measure may help
prevent a worsening of a probable infection. Get well soon, they don’t
like hospital patients drinking beer in their rooms.

[1]: /articles/20021004.html