Black Friday

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is often rumored to be the
busiest shopping day of the year. It is a busy shopping day and marks
the start of Christmas rush, but it isn’t the busiest shopping day of
the year. The busiest shopping day of the year will normally fall
during the last weekend before Christmas.

Brianna and I managed to make it through the day without shopping
anywhere. Dr.’s orders, you know. This is good because I hate crowded
malls. This is bad because it meant I missed the UT game and I had to
pull the Christmas decorations out of storage and decorate the
house. The tree is decorated, the stockings are hung, and the banister
has its share of holiday cheer. The Jones’s are ready for Christmas it

Ready or Not. NOT READY

Thanksgiving: food, family, and a trip to the hospital. Something in
this list is out of place.

Brianna started having contractions at my mom’s house, so we had to
leave early so she could go home and rest. We tracked the contractions
on the way home and they had a very rhythmic pattern, coming about
once every 10 minutes.

Our Little Worker, B.

First Magnus awarded Brianna with *”Employee of the Month”*
honors. Yeah!

Today is cooking madness day. I really like deserts. I made two
Tollhouse Pies already and will make some chocolate chip cookies, a
cherry pie (for Brianna), and Rice Krispies treats before the day is
through. Tina came over and made a metric tonne of Pumpkin pies. She
gave us one that was delicious. She also made a stealth pie with no
sugar. I don’t think it tasted as it should.

Bed & Bath

We finished Hailey’s bed today. My mom gave us a twin bed to replace
the full bed that was in Hailey’s room. Bri and I painted it
white. Then we stamped pink, green, and purple butterflies,
dragonflies, tulips, and lady bugs. We also painted haileys name on

Hailey's Economic Recovery Plan

Hailey has given up hope for politician induced economic
stimulation. Instead, she has introduced her own [stimulation

Today phase one of three was completed by the generous
people at Brianna’s employer. Hailey has much loot economic

*Thanks Everybody!*



So I use this really great program called [awstats][1] to generate
web-statistics for this site. Using this program, I can tell how much
bandwidth I’m using, which pages people visit, their browser, country
of origin, etc. One neat feature is ** Search Keyphrases**. This is
what people type into search engines to find my site. I have been
visited by [Yahoo][2] and [Google][3]. They send people to my site
based on these phrases. Note number 11.

1. dingos
2. 16 weeks gestation
3. photographs week 10 fetus
4. sonogram images at 18 weeks
5. how my baby looks in the womb
6. fetus 12 weeks test
7. 18 weeks gestation
8. fetus 11 weeks image
9. garage door alignment
10. sonagrams at 4 weeks
11. __how to steal a baby__
12. pictures of fetus at 11 weeks
13. pictures dingos
14. sonogram at 12 weeks

So I go to [Google][4] and [try number 11][5]. Number one and two of
the results set point here.


Step 1. Move Money From Pile A to Bag B Step 2. ??? Step 3. Profit

It was [announced][1] today that our sector will have to take 10 days
off by the end of the year not including the US Holidays already on
the books. Why couldn’t they just speak in English and say you have to
take off 5 days by the 20th of December and 3 during the end-of-year

I’ve highlighted, in yellow, all the days I will have off in
the next month on my calendar at work. I will not be working more days
than I will be working. __JOY!__

I found this quote that describes me
perfectly, I don’t remember where it came from.

>anal, uptight, and permanently pissed off


Shopping on the In-ta-Net

I bought Hailey a bear from, I bought some other things too,
but this was the only thing for Hailey. His name is Brannon. The Gap
is an OK place to shop on-line, but they charge a little too much for
shipping. I’m lazy and hate dealing with people so this is perfect for
me. Ordered four items on Sunday night and by Tuesday they were on my
doorstep. They sent tracking instructions but I didn’t bother to read
them because I thought it was too early. I went outside to get
something from the car and there on the stoop, was a FedEx package
from The Gap.

Rounding Second, Heading to Third

The second trimester closes and the third and final trimester draws
near, with it comes an updated time-line. Now we’re supposed to
pre-register for the hospital and find a pediatrician. Why is every
hospital brochure written in a condescending tone? Don’t they hire
writers? Couldn’t they work on it? I have yet to feel a powerful kick
from Hailey. The dog feels her when she lays on Bri’s stomach, but so
far, I haven’t felt a strong kick.

Brianna has had her first weird craving: biscuits, gravy, and apple
jam (all mixed together, at the same time).And, the very nice ladies
at the Scottish Rite gave Hailey a UT bib. Very nice and unexpected.

_[So it was Apple, not Strawberry Jam, it is still weird!]_