Rounding Second, Heading to Third

The second trimester closes and the third and final trimester draws
near, with it comes an updated time-line. Now we’re supposed to
pre-register for the hospital and find a pediatrician. Why is every
hospital brochure written in a condescending tone? Don’t they hire
writers? Couldn’t they work on it? I have yet to feel a powerful kick
from Hailey. The dog feels her when she lays on Bri’s stomach, but so
far, I haven’t felt a strong kick.

Brianna has had her first weird craving: biscuits, gravy, and apple
jam (all mixed together, at the same time).And, the very nice ladies
at the Scottish Rite gave Hailey a UT bib. Very nice and unexpected.

_[So it was Apple, not Strawberry Jam, it is still weird!]_