So I use this really great program called awstats to generate web-statistics for this site. Using this program, I can tell how much bandwidth I’m using, which pages people visit, their browser, country of origin, etc. One neat feature is * Search Keyphrases*. This is what people type into search engines to find my site. I have been visited by Yahoo and Google. They send people to my site based on these phrases. Note number 11.

  1. dingos
  2. 16 weeks gestation
  3. photographs week 10 fetus
  4. sonogram images at 18 weeks
  5. how my baby looks in the womb
  6. fetus 12 weeks test
  7. 18 weeks gestation
  8. fetus 11 weeks image
  9. garage door alignment
  10. sonagrams at 4 weeks
  11. how to steal a baby
  12. pictures of fetus at 11 weeks
  13. pictures dingos
  14. sonogram at 12 weeks

So I go to Google and try number 11. Number one and two of the results set point here.

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