Day One

Brianna began feeling a strange pressure. She didn’t describe it as contractions, only as pressure. We went into the office for a check-up, some strange holiday scheduling had happened and we couldn’t use the normal door. We ended up in the waiting room by what I think was a pediatrician’s waiting area.

After waiting a while a very nice nurse came to get us. As it turned out we checked into the wrong room. You should know that an exterior hallway accessible by the office workers connects all of the offices.

The nurse practitioner inspected Brianna and put her on the office fetal monitor. This monitor doesn’t pick up any contractions but you can feel them by touching her stomach. The nurse thinks that Brianna’s cervix has changed and calls in Dr. Morano for collaboration. They think Brianna’s cervix has changed from the previous 1 cm dilation. Later they both conspire to send Brianna over to Seton. It is practically next-door so we walked over and got admitted for the second time.

Brianna was admitted around 6:00 p.m. to what we refer to as the ‘small room’ to be monitored. Brianna had to give a urine sample the hard way to test for a possible urinary tract infection. It was very unpleasant and we don’t think we will allow that technique to be used again.

After monitoring and a shot of terbutaline our nurse from Thanksgiving Day came in. At first she didn’t recognize us but it didn’t take long for the memories to come back.

We went in for pressure not contractions, but, as soon as we got to the hospital and almost finished with monitoring the contractions started. After some words of encouragement from our Thanksgiving friend Brianna is released. Our nurse informed us that she will be working on Christmas but I told her that I hoped we wouldn’t have to see her. She agreed to that.

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