And So This is Christmas, and a Happy New Year

11:00 am The nurses here have been really great they get Brianna whatever she needs and they do a lot of not so pleasant things. Vomit cleanup and urine tabulation currently top the list. Finally Brianna is being weaned from the magnesium sulfate IV. She has also completed her antibiotic treatment, and Hailey has received two steroid shots via Brianna’s derriere. If the weaning goes well we may get to go home in time for Christmas.

2:00 pm The Magnesium sulfate has been stopped and the terbutaline has been started. Now the visitors arrive. Today we have Eric (Brianna’s brother) and Jason and the Vasquez’s (Adrian, Kim, Cody, Jayson), Nana (my mom), Shannon (my sister), Karen (soon to be sister-in-law), and the fabulously funny Autumn (our niece). Kris Westlund delivered flowers, greetings, and soup (mmmm soup) from San Antonio.

6:00 pm Finally we are going home, we will get a chance to have Christmas eve at our house. We arrive and warm up the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. After dinner we open our Christmas gifts to each other and declare that this is the best Christmas ever. We are finally relieved enough that we think we might get some sleep in our own bed tonight.

8:30 pm I was getting ready for bed and had just stepped out of the shower when Brianna yelled from the bathroom. She had found uterine bleeding while trying to go to the bathroom. I immediately started putting on my clothes telling her to page either Sanna or Brinkman but that we had to go back to the hospital as we were instructed.

The trip to the hospital took less than 15 minutes it should take 30 minutes. I pulled into the emergency entrance, put Brianna in a wheel chair, pulled my car around to the emergency parking, and ran back to push Brianna back up to Labor and Delivery admissions. As we rounded the corner to Labor and Directory, Holly the nurse leaned out of the nurse’s station and yelled for us to go to the same little room we were in before. The nurses rushed in and began the admission process.

The bleeding stopped at the hospital but Dr. Brinkman was rushing in from San Marcos to examine Brianna. Once their she found that the outside of Brianna’s cervix was bleeding and decided we would spend the night at the hospital for observations but that we would go home in the morning. The fetal monitor was attached and there were no contractions.

After twenty minutes the monitor was removed, a blood test was taken, and Brianna was given a sleeping pill to help her sleep through the night. A little while later the nurse came in to re-start the fetal monitoring. Dr. Brinkman wanted to monitor the baby for another hour. Brianna and I both fell asleep on the small hospital bed.

1:00 am The nurses rush into the room to take Brianna’s vital signs and put an oxygen mask on Brianna. They also begin to start an IV “just in case.” We ask why and are shown that the baby’s heart rate had dropped significantly for about 6 minutes. They tell us that Dr. Brinkman has been paged and is on the way. I begin calling Sanna so she can get in from Thorndale. Dr. Brinkman walks in just as I reach Sanna and Elizabeth and takes the phone to discuss the situation.

One of the blood test indicates that there could be danger of Brianna’s placenta separating. Dr. Brinkman tells us “we’re going to have a baby” and an emergency C-Section is the only safe way.

The nurses begin prepping Brianna for surgery. Brianna is very scared. They shave her stomach and take her into the surgery room to finish prepping her. They leave me with some paper pajamas to put on. I will join the party after Brianna is prepped. I get the cell phone and start calling people. I call Tina, Eric, Carol, and more. I am very worried now and about the only words I can speak are, “Brianna is having a C-Section now.” Each person says OK. Tina arrives at the hospital first and provides much needed encouragement. She takes our cell phones and begins calling everyone in the phones memory informing them of the situation. I try to call my parents twice but nobody answers the phone so I call my sister and tell her we are having a c-section, tell Mom. She can’t reach them by phone so she dresses her two kids and drives down the road to beat on their windows to wake them up. I manage to get one last call off to Fredd and Rox and go into the delivery area to encourage Brianna.

Brianna is still very scared and in pain. She has received an additional IV, an epidural, and the dreaded catheter. She is crying and I’m trying to calm her when she yells to Dr. Brinkman, while you’re down there could you do a little tummy tuck. To keep with Brianna’s good mood she yells “whee” as the nurses mover her from the operating table to the bed.

2:42 am At 3 lbs 3 oz a 13 inch long Hailey Diane Jones is brought into the world 9 weeks early. Brianna just gets to touch Hailey as she is whisked up to Neonatal Intensive Care.

In case your wondering, it’s Dr. Diane Brinkman.

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