Four Days Later

We have some new pictures in the gallery, just for Jill.

Today is my mom’s birthday. Hailey celebrated by getting off of CPAP. She is now breathing totally on her own. She only has a small tube in her nose to help her with her oxygen needs. They are feeding her 5 mL of breast milk every three hours. Before each feeding they pump her stomach to see how much undigested milk is still there. Sometimes there is none, sometimes there is some. At 5:30 p.m., there was almost 4.5 ml still in her stomach. Sometimes when they find milk left in her stomach they return it and withhold the next feeding, other times they will feed her additional milk, and sometimes they will discard the old milk and feed her new.

Hailey is no longer wearing her cast hat. She has a very full head of hair. Most of it is longer than mine. If she would have stayed in Brianna’s womb full term she probably would have had pony tails or dreadlocks. The hair is very wavy and will probably be curly when it is longer.

Brianna held Hailey for almost an hour. It was much easier today because there aren’t so many wires and tubes attached. Hailey was able to maintain her body temperature while Brianna held her. When it was time to return Hailey, the nurse told Brianna she could change her diaper and perform cord care.

I video taped Brianna changing the diaper. Brianna knows how to change diapers but it was very difficult for her to grab Hailey’s legs to lift her up over the old diaper because the IV is now in Hailey’s foot instead of her arm. Afterwords Brianna cleaned the remnants of Hailey’s umbilical cord. The alcohol swab was very cold and Hailey didn’t like it. She cried until Brianna stopped. Hailey is developing a strong set of lungs and can cry very loud now. Someday soon we will regret that, but right now it is sweet music.

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