Number Five

I changed the first and only diaper I can remember ever changing
today. Hailey filled it with poop and I cleaned it up. It wasn’t the
first dirty diaper to change though. Sanna changed the first dirty
diaper around the 5:30 p.m. feeding. Dirty diapers are a good thing,
they mean Hailey’s digestive system is working. I’m sure all of us
will get tired of them one day soon.

Brianna got to perform kangaroo care today. That means she undoes her
shirt and the baby gets placed right against her skin. Brianna and
little Hailey were happy about this. Hailey, the Drama Queen, screamed
when the nurse picked her up but quieted down as soon as she got into
Brianna’s arms.

Hailey was receiving a little oxygen while we were there. Her heart
rate also had several drops. The nurses say that this is common with
preemies because they sometimes forget to breath or have a heart
beat. They use a stimulate in their IVs to help prevent this. Each
time it picked right back up so they were not too worried.

Hailey is eating 10 mL at a time now. Tonight Brianna supplied all the
food. When we arrived at 8:00 p.m. the nurse checked to see how much
milk was still in Hailey’s stomach. There was 6 mL left from the 5:30
p.m. feeding but she put it back in because it was still a little
early. Hailey wasn’t to be feed until 8:30 p.m. I didn’t think Hailey
would digest that much milk in 30 minutes but the nurse said it could
happen. After 30 minutes of the kangaroo care the nurse checked
Hailey’s stomach before feeding her again and all 6 mL had been
digested. Way to go Hailey, prove Dad wrong.

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