A Whole Week Now

We rang in the new year with most of the other parents at the
NICU. One of the nurses commented on how busy it was. The nurses
passed out cider and grape juice to the parents but it was mostly a
quiet affair with each parent holding their child.

One of the babies in our bay has RSV, a respiratory virus that doesn’t
affect full term babies or adults. It can be spread by not properly
scrubbing before entering NICU. The baby is now in isolation and the
parent must wear a mask and paper gown before interacting with her
child. As a precaution all the babies in our bay must be given
treatment to prevent infection.

When we went back to the NICU in the daylight hours Hailey had a new
IV in her head. They couldn’t find a suitable vein in her feet or
hands. They have simply all been used up. It looks really bad, but the
nurses say it is sometimes better because the babies can’t pull the
IVs out. They had a hard time getting the IV started. They had to
shave part of Hailey’s head. They got blood on her hat and blanket so
we took those home to wash them. They saved Hailey’s hair in a small
syringe tube. They must have really wore Hailey out while changing the
IV. She didn’t scream as she normally does when we got there and the
took her temperature and blood pressure.

Hailey is eating 13 mL per feeding and they hope to raise it to 15 mL
(1 tablespoon). They want Hailey to start having three bowel movements
a day.