Hailey has been in NICU for eleven long days now. I think she is a very different baby than the one they admitted on Christmas morning. She seems very healthy and strong. She now weighs 3 lbs. 8.25 oz. and is eating over 20 mL of milk every three hours. She can lift her head and inch her way to the top of her isolette.

She breaths on her own, but still requires the nasal cannula to help prevent apnea and braycardia (A’s and B’s as the nurses call them. Apnea is a pause in breathing, braycardia is slowing of the heart rate). For the most part Hailey’s A’s and B’s seem to center around her feeding cycle. This means they are most likely digestive related and not a cause of great concern.

Hailey still needs an IV and finding a suitable site is still causing problems. She has had IVs in her feet, her hands, and two in her head. The current IV is located in her forearm and requires a type of brace to prevent her from disturbing it. Her greatest pain comes when they need to start a new IV. They make the parents leave for the procedure and it can take over 20 minutes. You can hear Hailey cry all the way into the NICU waiting room. I’m told the pain in the pit of my stomach that I feel when I hear her cry in distress is called parenthood. It is not a pleasant feeling.

I have now changed seven diapers to Brianna’s two.

Today we had the baby shower that we planned to have while Brianna was still pregnant. After the Thanksgiving visit to the hospital, Tina moved the date forward. She didn’t move it quite forward enough because Brianna managed to have the baby before Tina could host the shower. Hailey got many great gifts from many great people. I captured this shower on video and think it will be great fun to one day show Hailey all the love and concern people have for her.

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