Lucky Thirteen

Thirteen Productions brings you very special news. Yesterday they removed Hailey’s IV, and today at 9 a.m. they removed Hailey’s nasal cannula. She is free and clear of all assistance. They have increased her feedings to 32 mL every three hours. They are increasing the calorie content in the breast milk by adding a human milk fortifier. Hailey now weighs 3 lbs. 8.4 oz.

They are giving Hailey the oral version of the drug that prevents apnea and braycardia (theophylline is oral, aminophylline is injected into the IV). They have also started giving her a shot to help increase blood production. While I don’t like to see Hailey get shots or IVs, Hailey tolerates shots much better than sticking the IV. She only cries as they remove the syringe.

Hailey is starting out on a multi-vitamin today, she receives .25 ml orally, once per day. This is also the first time they have ever used the discharge word. The nurse was explaining the multi-vitamin and mentioned that once Hailey is discharged we will be giving her the 1 mL of the multi-vitamin daily.

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