Ending Two Weeks, Day 14

It’s the end of week two and Hailey is being moved from her open air
crib to an incubator. The incubator is totally closed in and the
doctors hope this will allow Hailey to put on weight faster. The
incubator looks much scarier than the open air crib, even though it
doesn’t have all the tubes and gages. Hailey looks like she is in a
fish aquarium. This change is for the better and they wouldn’t put
Hailey in the incubator unless she was stable. It is harder to use the
breathing aids and IVs when the baby is in the incubator, that is why
she hasn’t been in one sooner.
Day 14 pictures in the gallery.

Hailey spit up on me following the 2:30 p.m. feeding today. She got
two good gulps onto her blanked and body while I was holding her. The
nurse quickly came over and explained the use of a bulb syringe. The
idea is to quickly suction all fluids from the mouth and then the nose
to prevent any breathing problems associated with the spit up.