Starting Three Weeks

Today could be called poopy day. Hailey has had bowel movements after every other feeding. The nurse practitioner wanted Hailey to have one every eight hours. If she doesn’t she gets a little help, but Hailey has been doing them all on her own. I timed things just right to be in the waiting room while the changing was going on so Brianna had to change a really dirty diaper. Brianna is catching up now, the score is 8 to 3, Dusty.

Elsey the milk cow has some medications now to help with production. One is a nasal spray that is used to stop pre-term contractions. A side effect of the nasal spray is increased milk production, go figure. Increased milk will be beneficial now because one of the nurses said Hailey is in the ‘feed and grow’ stage. Hailey has plateaued on weight gain at about 1600 grams and they want to push over the edge so she will continue to grow. If Hailey doesn’t start gaining weight more rapidly they will begin introducing formula in place of the additional “Donor Breast Milk” so they have more control and consistency on the number of calories she receives with each feeding. Right now they fortify Brianna’s breast milk to increase its calories.

Hailey has started spitting up after feedings so they will begin using a syringe pump to space her feedings over 1 hour. So she gets feed every 3 hours, but it takes 1 hour to complete the feeding.

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