The baby shuffle continues. We are now in Bay 3 with our favorite other NICU mom. Hailey now weighs 3 lbs. 14 oz.

Hailey had her first nippling today. She sucked 8 mL of her 38 mL feeding from a bottle. The last bit was gravity feed through the syringe, they have moved from the 1.5 hour pump feed to 0.5 hours. Though now they may not need the infusion pump at all.

One of the doctor’s was doing his pass on today while we were there. He reported that there was nothing to report to the next shift’s doctor. As he walked over to the next baby he wrote down and said, “And she’s getting cutier.” It made me laugh, that particular doctor has the best sense of humor of the bunch.

Pictures of Day 20 in the gallery.

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