The 35th Gestational Week

What would have been the 35th gestational week starts today.

Hailey passed the hearing screening given to all newborns today. The
test is done with a laptop and some probes, the baby’s participation
is not required, in-fact, the baby needs to be asleep for the
screening to take place.

Hailey’s theophylline level is finally at a nontherapeutic level, the
seven day countdown official starts now. This is day one. There have
been no major problems since they removed the theophyline dosage. She
has had one recorded episode.

Hailey is up to 48 mL every 3 hours

In other news, my hard-drive crashed today. I won’t be able to post
any pictures until Western Digital finishes warranty service and I am
able to boot Linux again.