First Night Away

Hailey received her first vaccinations today. In total she had six
shots. She didn’t really like them very much at all. She has been
fussy and has had a slight fever because of it today.

Hailey now weighs 7 lbs. 13 oz. The doctor’s office has given us some
samples of a new formula that has easier to digest proteins. It is
supposed to help babies with colic be less fussy. The container says
it works within 48 hours. Everything should be good by Sunday.

Hailey is spending her first night away tonight. Grandmas Sanna and
Elizabeth are keeping her because Brianna and I will be going to a
wedding tomorrow. Bri doesn’t like having Hailey away at all. I expect
that we will have to go pick her up any minute now.

Winter Wonderland

Wow an ice storm in February. I think the last time I saw a major ice
storm in central Texas was in 1995 or so. I can’t believe how it looks
outside. The radio morning show is taking phone calls from everybody
who has been out driving. I have not been out. I e-mailed my boss and
worked from home today.

And the winner is …

So The Grammy Award show is on tonight and Hailey is sleeping with her
mom on the couch, so I have a little time to see my office
again. First a side note about the show, why do the presenters seem
like this is the first time they have ever read their lines? Do people
not rehearse anymore?

Finally the office is clean and things are falling back into
order. The only outstanding pile of junk are all the pictures that I
have stacked against the wall in the corner. I have three or four
rolls of film that have been developed, but I haven’t had a chance to
get them posted yet.

I re-installed Linux this weekend. Red Hat is going to a policy of
requiring a survey every two months to continue to use their Red Hat
Network service. RHN is needed to keep packages up-to-date. I could
pay them a monthly charge and open a real account, I could take the
survey every two months, or I could try a different distribution. I
took, door number three. Debian Sid (the unstable, leading edge
branch) is now installed on my computer.

I have been looking for a blogging tool but haven’t found one that I
really like yet. Most people use Movable Type but I don’t really want
to use it. I may just re-write my template files. Those worked well
for most things. The picture gallery still requires much manual work.

Hailey had her second eye-exam on Friday. Premature babies can have a
problem with blood vessels not forming properly in their eyes. This
problem is most evident in babies that are very early twenty-something
weeks and babies that are on high concentrations of oxygen. Hailey had
none of those factors but was premature so they had to check her
progress twice. Both exams went without incident and Hailey will not
need to return until age two.

Hailey may have a problem with colic. She seems pretty miserable
during most nights now. That means less sleep for all those
involved. Hopefully, we will move past this stage very soon.

Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep &#8230

This is the twelfth day since Hailey has came home from the
NICU. Things around here are exactly like you would expect, nobody
sleeps except Hailey. Everybody else just gets to dosing off when it
is time to wake up and start the feeding cycle again.

The computer room is a mess and I can’t find anything. My replacement
drive from Western Digital arrived on Friday, I have Linux back up and
running, but now it seems I don’t have any of my template files from
the web-server. The files will have to be recreated as time
permits. Time doesn’t permit much of anything now. I have three rolls
of film to post but can’t do so now because of that thing called time.

The county of Travis has decided that now would be a good time for
jury duty. You can now sign-in using the Internet so that saves me a
trip to someplace with inadequate parking. I should have my assignment
soon so we can get that mess over with.

Well, Hailey is calling now, must go feed her.

Getting Acquainted

Hailey has been home for three days now and we are finally getting
used to having her around. Natasha, the hyper-active dalmation, is
very protective of her. When Hailey cries or grunts she paces until we
attend to her. When new people come to the house to visit with Hailey,
she stays close by ready to lend a hand, or paw as it is.

For the first few days Brianna and I would work in 8 hour shifts. Each
of us would stay awake staring at Hailey in her bassinet ready to
attend to every need. It took a little while for us to decide that she
will in fact be OK. We know now that she will keep breathing. For the
most part, all she does is sleep and eat.

The sleeping part she has down. It only took a little parent
training. Hailey is used to sleeping in a very loud and fully lighted
NICU environment. She also likes sleeping in an inclined position. So
we raised the head of her bassinet and found a radio that we could
tune to a classical music station for background noise. The TV also
works well for background noise but at 4:00 a.m. it seems like every
channel is carrying the same infomercial for the Juice Guy’s Juice
Master II and I just don’t want to hear about the benefits of drinking
parsley juice any more.

**HD Update**
USPS delivered the HD to Western Digital’s Irvine, CA
office on January 29, 2003 at 10:46 a.m. The WD RMA website hasn’t
acknowledged receipt yet.