Getting Acquainted

Hailey has been home for three days now and we are finally getting
used to having her around. Natasha, the hyper-active dalmation, is
very protective of her. When Hailey cries or grunts she paces until we
attend to her. When new people come to the house to visit with Hailey,
she stays close by ready to lend a hand, or paw as it is.

For the first few days Brianna and I would work in 8 hour shifts. Each
of us would stay awake staring at Hailey in her bassinet ready to
attend to every need. It took a little while for us to decide that she
will in fact be OK. We know now that she will keep breathing. For the
most part, all she does is sleep and eat.

The sleeping part she has down. It only took a little parent
training. Hailey is used to sleeping in a very loud and fully lighted
NICU environment. She also likes sleeping in an inclined position. So
we raised the head of her bassinet and found a radio that we could
tune to a classical music station for background noise. The TV also
works well for background noise but at 4:00 a.m. it seems like every
channel is carrying the same infomercial for the Juice Guy’s Juice
Master II and I just don’t want to hear about the benefits of drinking
parsley juice any more.

**HD Update**
USPS delivered the HD to Western Digital’s Irvine, CA
office on January 29, 2003 at 10:46 a.m. The WD RMA website hasn’t
acknowledged receipt yet.