More Activity

Hailey has once again showed more seizure like activity. Brianna took
Hailey in to see the neurologist. Pending insurance approval Hailey
will visit Houston or Dallas for observations to help determine the
cause of this activity. During the observation period, Hailey will be
hooked to many monitors that may include closed-circuit television and
an EEG.

We will not know exactly when until the neurologist arranges for us to
skip ahead of the waiting list. Normally, it will take around six
weeks to get admitted, we hope to go within the week.

First MRI, EEG

On Tuesday Hailey showed seizure like activity and was admitted to
Brackenridge Children’s Hospital for observation. After a nights stay
and many delays, Hailey was gassed and given an MRI, after recovery a
moody and hungry child had 20 electrodes glued to her head for an
EEG. Fortunately, the MRI and the EEG both came back as normal. The
requisite blood and urine work also returned normal.

No cause for Hailey’s behavior could be determined so we were sent