30 Years!

My parents have been married for 30 whole years! An unbelievable milestone in today’s world. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!


Four Month Checkup

Hailey had her 4 month check up. She now weighs in at an impressive 12 lbs. 5 ounces, which is more than my bowling ball weight of choice. She received the requisite vaccinations and the go-ahead to begin solid food training.

Hailey accepted the solid food better than anticipated, showing us that she can eat a bowl of rice cereal and a 4 ounce bottle. Thank you very much.

We will be seeing a orthopedic specialist on May 6 for an additional checkup.

Fredd's Birthday Fiesta

Mr. Mendler and Ms. Solis held a fiesta party at their San Antonio abode in honor of Mr. Mendler’s approaching birthday. Mr. Mendler made off with great times and good loot. Food, fun, and beverages were enjoyed by all. The responsible associates that we were all sleep over.


Netscape 4.7!

As I sit here listening to mp3s on xmms Hailey is getting fussy, then content, then fussy as the songs change. I have her laying on my desk as I type, and she seems to like it, as long as a good song is playing.

I restarted my access stats program and the logs are quite interesting. Since yesterday, 4.6% of the browsers accessing my site are Konqueror, which one of you is using KDE? and 21% are using Netscape. The problem is that 9.3% of those using Netscape are using version 4.7. If you are using Netscape 4.x, you should upgrade, ask me how if you don’t know.


Private Space Access?

John Carmack of id software fame has been leading an effort of space access enthusiasts to build a manned rocket ship. This craft will compete with others for the X-Prize a 10 million dollar purse awarded to the first crew to launch a man, recover the craft, and re-launch within two weeks. John Carmack has been documenting his expenditures and research efforts at the Armadillo Aerospace website.

Recently Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites fame has announced his contending craft for the X-Prize. Like all things Burt Rutan designs, this one is unique.

Is private space access the cash cow of the 21st century?


First Easter

Today is Hailey’s first Easter. She is spending it in Thorndale, Texas with her Grandmothers, and Great Grandparents.

The Discovery Channel has a program called Houston Medical that is a real-life medical drama centered around the activities and patients at the Texas Medical Center, on Friday night the episode, on the Discovery Health Channel, chronicled a boy with severe epileptic seizures. His seizures required him to have brain surgery to remove the affected portion of his brain. The neurosurgeon was the doctor that Hailey saw a few weeks back. They also had the doctor that Hailey should be seeing not to long from now. The boy was being observed at the same epilepsy study center where she will be staying.

The program showed the boy’s trip to the hospital, the observance of his seizures, the implantation of the sterile electrode grid, and the removal of the affected portion of his brain.

They followed up with the boy to show his progress. His seizures had almost completely gone away and he was able to resume a more normal child’s lifestyle which included playing baseball and riding the regular school bus with his friends.

As of Friday night, Hailey is sleeping in her own bed. The monitor works well and we can hear her as soon as she wakes up. We don’t have to worry about rolling over onto her while we are sleeping. I have only gotten out of bed two or three times to go make sure she is still breathing.

Hailey may be teething. The drolling slobbering and willingness to gum anything near her mouth has started. This may mean that teeth are on there way.


Finally an Update

[ 00:00 – 04:00 hrs ] After much absence, this site is now updated again. I have generated some new scripts that will help me keep things more up to date. You will notice that the articles are now different. Each one appears on its own page (as it moves off the index page) and you can link to it with the permanent link at the bottom of the article. The gallery section has been replaced by a photo album feature. The photo albums are generated automatically so it should be easier to keep new pictures on the site. The good news is there are a bunch of new pictures, the bad news is that the quality is limited to what the photo processor gave me on the photo disk.

News About Hailey On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we were in Houston for an appointment with a Pediatric Neurological Surgeon, or children’s brain surgeon. We went to see this doctor because we needed him to refer us to his colleague, perhaps the last Pediatric Neurologist who specializes in Epilepsy in the state of Texas. The doctor we saw on Tuesday suggested putting Hailey on Phenobarbital to control the different types of seizures that he believes she is having.

This doctor’s office consulted with his colleague, and after three days, they have decided that Hailey should take part in his study. They should call us back within two weeks to arrange the time. This study will take place in Houston. During the study Hailey will stay in the hospital and will be monitored by CCTV and EEG to help determine what exactly is going on in her head.

Hailey has been on the Phenobarbital, the drug of choice for infants with her condition, for only two day, but she already seems like a different baby. It doesn’t seem like it is possible for a drug to work this fast at changing her behavior but, she spends more time playing and talking and less time fussing, than she did before.

As of Tuesday Hailey weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz

[ 12:00 hrs ] Brianna is off helping Tina with her dance squad, so I can think of nothing better to do than post a picture of Brianna with the Easter Bunny. This is from around 2001, I think.


MRI Images

Hailey has an appointment at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston on Tuesday. We might be there for most of the week. Brianna has been busily gathering all the items we need to take with us including: MRI film, EEG results, and NICU discharge records. The MRI scans are black and white positives, maybe 16×20 inches in size. The film is heavy and thick. My scanner will scan film and I can get almost one frame into the film scanner. Each page has 20 of these frames on it, there are 10 pages in all.