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[ 00:00 – 04:00 hrs ] After much absence, this site is now updated again. I have generated some new scripts that will help me keep things more up to date. You will notice that the articles are now different. Each one appears on its own page (as it moves off the index page) and you can link to it with the permanent link at the bottom of the article. The gallery section has been replaced by a photo album feature. The photo albums are generated automatically so it should be easier to keep new pictures on the site. The good news is there are a bunch of new pictures, the bad news is that the quality is limited to what the photo processor gave me on the photo disk.

News About Hailey On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we were in Houston for an appointment with a Pediatric Neurological Surgeon, or children’s brain surgeon. We went to see this doctor because we needed him to refer us to his colleague, perhaps the last Pediatric Neurologist who specializes in Epilepsy in the state of Texas. The doctor we saw on Tuesday suggested putting Hailey on Phenobarbital to control the different types of seizures that he believes she is having.

This doctor’s office consulted with his colleague, and after three days, they have decided that Hailey should take part in his study. They should call us back within two weeks to arrange the time. This study will take place in Houston. During the study Hailey will stay in the hospital and will be monitored by CCTV and EEG to help determine what exactly is going on in her head.

Hailey has been on the Phenobarbital, the drug of choice for infants with her condition, for only two day, but she already seems like a different baby. It doesn’t seem like it is possible for a drug to work this fast at changing her behavior but, she spends more time playing and talking and less time fussing, than she did before.

As of Tuesday Hailey weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz

[ 12:00 hrs ] Brianna is off helping Tina with her dance squad, so I can think of nothing better to do than post a picture of Brianna with the Easter Bunny. This is from around 2001, I think.

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