First Easter

Today is Hailey’s first Easter. She is spending it in Thorndale, Texas
with her Grandmothers, and Great Grandparents.

The Discovery Channel has a program called __Houston Medical__ that is
a real-life medical drama centered around the activities and patients
at the Texas Medical Center, on Friday night the episode, on the
Discovery Health Channel, chronicled a boy with severe epileptic
seizures. His seizures required him to have brain surgery to remove
the affected portion of his brain. The neurosurgeon was the doctor
that Hailey saw a few weeks back. They also had the doctor that Hailey
should be seeing not to long from now. The boy was being observed at
the same epilepsy study center where she will be staying.

The program showed the boy’s trip to the hospital, the observance of
his seizures, the implantation of the sterile electrode grid, and the
removal of the affected portion of his brain.

They followed up with the boy to show his progress. His seizures had
almost completely gone away and he was able to resume a more normal
child’s lifestyle which included playing baseball and riding the
regular school bus with his friends.

As of Friday night, Hailey is sleeping in her own bed. The monitor
works well and we can hear her as soon as she wakes up. We don’t have
to worry about rolling over onto her while we are sleeping. I have
only gotten out of bed two or three times to go make sure she is still

Hailey may be teething. The drolling slobbering and willingness to gum
anything near her mouth has started. This may mean that teeth are on
there way.