Pink Eye

Today the day care told us that Hailey was having a lot of drainage in her left eye. Hailey and I met Brianna at ARC and Hailey saw her regular doctor during after hours.

Hailey has her first case of pink eye, and she is beginning to get her first ear infection. She gets to take 5 mL of amoxicillin twice a day. The insurance co-pay for amoxicillin is $10.00. She also receives three drops of ciloxan three times a day. Insurance picks up a whopping $0.83 of this one. The co-pay is $40.00 (pharmaceutical regulation anyone?).

Tuesday is trash day in our neighborhood. Tuesday was also a windy day, which means somebody’s trash ended up all over my yard. Today’s haul was interesting. A neighbor a few houses up threw away her carbon check copies and they ended up all over my yard. Her obfuscation consisted of tearing all of the carbon copies in half. Since I had both halves it wasn’t very hard to reconstruct the individual copies and see what she paid to target, day care, and Sears. Like most people she includes the account number in the memo blank. Also like most people, she has her drivers license number, phone number, and address on the checks as well. I don’t think you need a better reason to buy a shredder, preferably a cross cut shredder. It only takes a few minutes to shred your private mail and protect you identity.


Sunday Update

Hailey has finished her second week of day care. She has had her first cold this week. Last Sunday she was stopped up with the sniffles so we called after hours to see if we could give her anything to help with the congestion problem. After two trips to the doctor’s office she finally seems to be getting better. She is still congested but now she is less fussy. I think I am starting to come down with what she had.

We sent Hailey off to the grandmothers (Sanna and Elizabeth) on Friday night. Hailey revolted by crying loudly until they brought her home. Once Hailey was home she stopped crying and began playing with Brianna. I guess she was homesick for mommy.


Clean Bill of Health

Hailey met with an orthopedic specialist today to examine her hip. The pediatrician noticed a clicking sound and was concerned that Hailey might have hip displactia. It seems that first born girls are more susceptible to hip problems than boys or even second born siblings. Finally, for the first time, a doctor has told us there is nothing wrong with Hailey, as far as her hip is concerned, and that he doesn’t even need to see us again. It was refreshing to hear that for a change.


Day care, Day 1

I hate the smell of day care centers. They smell like the sandbox at the day care that my mom took me to. I don’t like day care for the same reasons I don’t like going out. I don’t care to socialize. Hopefully, Hailey will enjoy day care.

Today was Hailey’s first day at day care. We dropped her off, so we could learn the ropes. Other parents will know the drill, but the procedures are new to us. First, you have to initial everything that you bring to day care. We thought we had it covered, her bottles were labeled, her wipes, her outfits. We forgot to initial the diapers, yes each diaper needs Hailey’s initials. I don’t know what the better system is but there must be one. Second, you have to initial that you dropped the kid off that morning. This is to allow proper head count in the event of an emergency. Finally, you have to fill out a form describing the last time she ate and sleep. You have to do this everyday. The fact is, I don’t remember the last time Hailey ate, I was sitting there with my eyes closed hopping she would hurry up and finish the four ounces of milk so I could go back to sleep.

Fortunately, Hailey’s experience at day care was better than my memories. She found new friends at day care and talked, or cooed, with them all day. She seems particularly found of a boy named Alex that is one month older. Seems that they even held hands.

The day care kids must have taught Hailey some new tricks. When she went to day care she couldn’t move around. If you sat her somewhere, she would be in the exact same spot when you returned. Now she can inch her way around. I found this out the hard way when she inched herself off of the coffee table and onto the floor while I was fixing her bottle. She seems to move much better when she is hungry. Maybe she was foraging for food? One trip to the after hours clinic later and I am happy to report that the fall did not do any damage. She is a tough little kid.


Cleaning Day

By two p.m., I had mowed the yard, rotated my tires, adjusted my brakes, and washed both cars. Brianna cleaned the house. It was nice to get so much done so early in the day.

Washing the car is depressing. Every time I wash the car there is a new dent. Most of the time they are in the doors. People love to smack their doors against mine. This time I find a dent right in the center of the nose of the hood. It looks like a truck with a trailer hitch backed into me. What luck I have with cars. Brianna’s car never has a new dents when I wash it.