Pink Eye

Today the day care told us that Hailey was having a lot of drainage in her left eye. Hailey and I met Brianna at ARC and Hailey saw her regular doctor during after hours.

Hailey has her first case of pink eye, and she is beginning to get her first ear infection. She gets to take 5 mL of amoxicillin twice a day. The insurance co-pay for amoxicillin is $10.00. She also receives three drops of ciloxan three times a day. Insurance picks up a whopping $0.83 of this one. The co-pay is $40.00 (pharmaceutical regulation anyone?).

Tuesday is trash day in our neighborhood. Tuesday was also a windy day, which means somebody’s trash ended up all over my yard. Today’s haul was interesting. A neighbor a few houses up threw away her carbon check copies and they ended up all over my yard. Her obfuscation consisted of tearing all of the carbon copies in half. Since I had both halves it wasn’t very hard to reconstruct the individual copies and see what she paid to target, day care, and Sears. Like most people she includes the account number in the memo blank. Also like most people, she has her drivers license number, phone number, and address on the checks as well. I don’t think you need a better reason to buy a shredder, preferably a cross cut shredder. It only takes a few minutes to shred your private mail and protect you identity.

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