Long Time No Talk

I haven’t forgotten about you, having Hailey around is hard work. And
yes, I am a little surprised to have to say that. She spends most of
her day, at least 50%, sleeping, but so far I have been unable to be
very productive while she is sleeping. Most of the time she is
sleeping, I spend looking for a place to take a nap.

Hailey had new portraits taken today at the mall.

Many other things are happening right now as well.

On June 30th Hailey is scheduled to spend three to seven days in
Houston as part of the seizure study. Hopefully this will determine
the cause of the seizures.

Hailey is doing very well at day care. The teachers and other parents
seem to really like her. Apparently she has developed a habit of never
crying at day care unless she is hungry. The other children will cry
out at various times, but Hailey will not she sits around as happy as
a clam.