Spinal Tap!

Today brought good and bad news. First the good news, the second MRI
showed that Hailey’s brain development was normal. We can conclude, I
suppose, that Hailey’s seizures are not caused by her immaturity, as
originally suspected.

To the bad news, since the MRI shows nothing abnormal, the doctors
must search for another cause. They have drawn blood, taken a urine
sample, and regretably performed a lumbar tap (a.k.a. spinal tap). The
longest 30 minutes so far has been during the spinal tap. They will be
looking for a chemical imbalance or genetic cause for the seizures. It
will take 3 weeks for the spinal tap results to return.

Hailey has started to show the behavior that she had before she
started taking phenobarbital. She has rolled her eyes back into her
head, had a few muscle flenches with her hand, and began to cry out in
her sleep. Sanna calls the hand muscle flenches “door knocking”
because it looks like she is knocking on a door. Hailey does this only
while sleeping so far.