The Waiting Game

Hailey isn’t eating as well as she did while on the phenobarbital. She is more irritable and gets fussy more often. I think that she is more alert while off the phenobarbital though. She will look around for me when she hears my voice or a startling sound. She seems very sleepy but does not sleep for long periods of time. I think it is do to the noise and trama of being in this place. She only seems peaceful and secure when Mommy is holding her.

I thought for a moment that we might get out of here today. Cathy, Hailey’s nurse, came by to see how much formula we had. We told her we had six more ready to use bottles and she said she would hold off on ordering more because she wasn’t sure that we would be staying longer. Unfortunately, the other nurse came in about an hour later with a box of formula and said we would be here until Friday. We haven’t seen the doctors yet, the nurse thought they might be reviewing the EEG data.

The doctors returned to reveal some of the lab data. The test that return early have all been normal. We don’t know the results of the extended tests but they seem to think that they may be normal too. They will review more of the EEG data this evening or tomorrow and decide if we should return home on phenobarbital or nothing at all.

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