We're Out of Here

Brianna thinks we will get to go home today. She thinks the doctors
will review her EEG data and send us home without phenobarbital any

What do you know? Brianna is right. Dr. Wheless said we could go home
and Hailey doesn’t need the medication anymore. Yeah! It only took us
about three minutes from the announcement to completely pack Hailey’s

The hotel sent an empty shuttle over to the hospital to pick us up and
take us back to the hotel. Good thing, as Hailey has a lot of
stuff. We filled up the back of the shuttle. While we were waiting a
nice lady came over to comment on how pretty Hailey is and to tell
Sanna about her remedy for cradle cap. Sanna told her that Hailey
didn’t have cradle cap, it was the glue residue from the EEG study.

At the hotel we gave Hailey a bath and packed all of our things so we
could get out of here. Hailey laughed and giggled the whole time. She
seemed to be glad to be out of the hospital. We pushed everything down
the elevator and to the car on bellman’s cart. I think people were
amazed that I could pack it so full of stuff. They looked even more
amazed that I was able to fit it all into the back of Shannon’s