Back at Home

Hailey is home but very irritable. She cried and screamed whenever we tried to sit or lay her down, she wouldn’t sleep unless you were holding her. We were worried so we started calling our doctor in Austin and the other doctors in Houston. We thought she might be having seizures again and that she might need to go back on her medication. This is almost the same behavior we saw when we first had to put Hailey on the medication a couple of months ago. The doctor in Houston didn’t think that this was seizure related so we waited it out. Sanna and Elizabeth came and took Hailey for the night. We had been holding her constantly most of the day so she wouldn’t scream.

We went to look at a private home day care for Hailey. The private home day care offered many benefits including: fewer children, more attention, and less (by about 40%) cost. We decided to keep Hailey in her regular day care because she is more familiar with it.

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