After much absence, we returned to ARC after hours today. Someone at
Haley’s day care had hand-foot-mouth (a viral infection, that results
in sores on the body and in the mouth coupled with a fever and general
irritability) and now Hailey has the symptoms.

Our fears were confirmed. Hailey has also caught it. There is nothing
to do except wait. Tylenol can help with the fever and some of the
irritability. We look forward to a fun week at home.

A Blind Date

Four years ago today, Brianna lived with two roommates Jeremy and
Lyndi. I also had two roommates Michael and Frederick. Jeremy and
Frederick worked together at Structure.

Frederick and I had just returned from a trip to Kansas City where
Julie had convinced me to lose the polo shirts and to color my hair
blond. She also talked me into a wardrobe of ‘Sexy Pants’.

Jeremy lost a bet with Brianna and needed to arrange a hook-up for the
single Brianna. Frederick thought that someone should be
me. Photographs were exchanged followed by phone numbers. I called
Brianna and arranged for our first date on Tuesday July 27, 1999.

Our first date consisted of dinner at [Carrabba’s][1] and desert at
[Amy’s Ice Creams][2] at the Arboretum. A year later, on this day,
Brianna and I again went to dinner at [Carrabba’s][3] and desert at
[Amy’s Ice Creams][4]. After desert we walked around the park at the
arboretum and I asked Brianna to marry me.

[1]: http://www.carrabbas.com
[2]: http://www.amysicecream.com
[3]: http://www.carrabbas.com
[4]: http://www.amysicecream.com

No Physical Therapy

The Easter Seals people came by today to evaluate Hailey’s need for
physical therapy. Back when Hailey was taking medication her physical
development seemed to lag. Her muscle tone appeared underdeveloped and
the pediatrician recommended the Early Childhood Intervention Program,
which is designed to help premature babies catch up with full term
babies. In the three or so weeks that Hailey has been off of her
medication, she has been busily catching up all by herself.

Most of Hailey’s development is progressing on schedule when you
account for her corrective (minus 10 weeks) age. Hailey can make vowel
sounds, roll over, follow sounds and objects, gum her food, cry
differently for different needs, place weight on her legs, coo, and
hold her head up. These are all good things for her.

One of Hailey’s skills is progressing at an advanced level, her social
skills. They rate Hailey’s social skills at the 8 to 8.5 month
level. Brianna is quite relieved that Hailey is taking after her and
not me in this area. Hailey loves people and strangers and will play
and talk with anyone that is interested in playing with her.

Hailey’s improved development in the last three weeks since we have
been waiting for her appointment means that Hailey won’t be needing
the early intervention program. They will follow up with us until
Hailey is three to make sure she continues her growth and development
on schedule.

She's a Moving

Today when I picked Hailey up from day care she was sitting in their
walker. Their walker has a few more toys than Hailey’s walker, so she
was sitting playing with the attached toys.

I got Hailey home and Brianna came in just behind me, Brianna was
playing with Hailey and decided to put her in her walker in the
kitchen so Hailey could play while I was unloading the dishwasher. I
turned around to see Hailey scooch forward about 3 inches. That was
amazing enough, but with some encouragement, Hailey began laughing and
moved from one side of the kitchen all the way to the other,
amazing. She just started doing this today and she can already move
across the kitchen. We are going to be in some serious trouble when
she becomes more mobile.

Impending Doom

The hosting company that I use, sent me an e-mail this evening
offering a free upgrade to their new service plan. The costs are the
same but the benefits are greater. First, the new plan will be
faster. The hardware is newer and faster, the software is newer and
faster. Linux 2.4 running Apache 2, instead of Linux 2.2 running
Apache 1.3. Second, I get more bandwidth per month and cheaper
additional bandwidth. Finally, I get more storage space.

The only downside is that I have to move from the trusty server that I
have used since I signed up with this provider. My ip address
will change sometime in the coming week and my web-site will be
unreachable while the DNS changes propogate. Anywhere from 12 to 24
hours depending on your DNS server configuration.

If you can’t find this site in the coming week, be patient and try
back later.

Independence Day

Time once again to celebrate the independence of the country by
allowing all the neighborhood children to run around unsupervised with
small explosives during the late hours of the evening.

We start our celebration of the 4th of July by dressing Hailey in a
stylish patriotic ensemble. To accessorize Hailey’s outfit, Brianna
attempts a white bow in Hailey’s very fine hair. The bow lasted only
long enough to capture the video.

As you can see, Hailey is sitting up in her walker quite nicely. She
has also discovered that if she bangs her left hand on the star, the
walker will play a touching rendition of _Twinkle, Twinkle, Little
Star_. The touching part of that rendition wears off somewhere near
the 1,000th playing. As soon as I find the battery it is becoming

We spent the afternoon in Thorndale, Texas eating good old American
food. Hailey stayed for the night and Brianna and I returned to our
home. The entire neighborhood put on quite a spectacular fireworks
show. I went outside around 9:00 p.m. and in every direction I looked
I saw exploding ordinances.