Independence Day

Time once again to celebrate the independence of the country by
allowing all the neighborhood children to run around unsupervised with
small explosives during the late hours of the evening.

We start our celebration of the 4th of July by dressing Hailey in a
stylish patriotic ensemble. To accessorize Hailey’s outfit, Brianna
attempts a white bow in Hailey’s very fine hair. The bow lasted only
long enough to capture the video.

As you can see, Hailey is sitting up in her walker quite nicely. She
has also discovered that if she bangs her left hand on the star, the
walker will play a touching rendition of _Twinkle, Twinkle, Little
Star_. The touching part of that rendition wears off somewhere near
the 1,000th playing. As soon as I find the battery it is becoming

We spent the afternoon in Thorndale, Texas eating good old American
food. Hailey stayed for the night and Brianna and I returned to our
home. The entire neighborhood put on quite a spectacular fireworks
show. I went outside around 9:00 p.m. and in every direction I looked
I saw exploding ordinances.