She's a Moving

Today when I picked Hailey up from day care she was sitting in their
walker. Their walker has a few more toys than Hailey’s walker, so she
was sitting playing with the attached toys.

I got Hailey home and Brianna came in just behind me, Brianna was
playing with Hailey and decided to put her in her walker in the
kitchen so Hailey could play while I was unloading the dishwasher. I
turned around to see Hailey scooch forward about 3 inches. That was
amazing enough, but with some encouragement, Hailey began laughing and
moved from one side of the kitchen all the way to the other,
amazing. She just started doing this today and she can already move
across the kitchen. We are going to be in some serious trouble when
she becomes more mobile.