No Physical Therapy

The Easter Seals people came by today to evaluate Hailey’s need for physical therapy. Back when Hailey was taking medication her physical development seemed to lag. Her muscle tone appeared underdeveloped and the pediatrician recommended the Early Childhood Intervention Program, which is designed to help premature babies catch up with full term babies. In the three or so weeks that Hailey has been off of her medication, she has been busily catching up all by herself.

Most of Hailey’s development is progressing on schedule when you account for her corrective (minus 10 weeks) age. Hailey can make vowel sounds, roll over, follow sounds and objects, gum her food, cry differently for different needs, place weight on her legs, coo, and hold her head up. These are all good things for her.

One of Hailey’s skills is progressing at an advanced level, her social skills. They rate Hailey’s social skills at the 8 to 8.5 month level. Brianna is quite relieved that Hailey is taking after her and not me in this area. Hailey loves people and strangers and will play and talk with anyone that is interested in playing with her.

Hailey’s improved development in the last three weeks since we have been waiting for her appointment means that Hailey won’t be needing the early intervention program. They will follow up with us until Hailey is three to make sure she continues her growth and development on schedule.

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