A Blind Date

Four years ago today, Brianna lived with two roommates Jeremy and Lyndi. I also had two roommates Michael and Frederick. Jeremy and Frederick worked together at Structure.

Frederick and I had just returned from a trip to Kansas City where Julie had convinced me to lose the polo shirts and to color my hair blond. She also talked me into a wardrobe of ‘Sexy Pants’.

Jeremy lost a bet with Brianna and needed to arrange a hook-up for the single Brianna. Frederick thought that someone should be me. Photographs were exchanged followed by phone numbers. I called Brianna and arranged for our first date on Tuesday July 27, 1999.

Our first date consisted of dinner at Carrabba’s and desert at Amy’s Ice Creams at the Arboretum. A year later, on this day, Brianna and I again went to dinner at Carrabba’s and desert at Amy’s Ice Creams. After desert we walked around the park at the arboretum and I asked Brianna to marry me.

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