Are you ready for some football?

Finally, football season is here. In a rare Sunday night game UT beat
New Mexico State University 66-7. A tropical depression blew in on
Saturday morning and caused steady and constant rain during the
duration of the game. Brianna and I were equipped with our UT rain
ponchos and stayed dry enough to be comfortable throughout the
game. Save, a very deep and horse voice from my on-going battle with
Hailey’s virus, we are no worse for wear.

Our parking situation was been remedied by a so-called ‘sleeper lot
‘. The Westlund’s found a parking garage at UT. This garage advertised
football parking, but it did not fill up until just before kickoff.

Judy and Vicki attended [Mack Brown’s Woman’s Football Clinic][1] on
the 22nd. Here we see JW with Vicki just in the background,
instructing Mack that Kris is spelled K-R-I-S and, YES, Mack can win
the big one.



Day care harbors highly contagious virii. Last Saturday Hailey had her
baptism/confirmation at our house (thanks Vel). A few days prior to
that several children from Hailey’s class were sent home due to
vomiting and diarrhea. Hailey seemed unaffected on that day and on

During the following week, many people who were at our house suffered
an ill fate of vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, headache, earache,
congestion, and finally coughing. I am still congested and hope to be
completely well soon.

Brianna was sick on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Hailey was ill on
Monday, and I became ill on Tuesday evening. My sister, Sanna,
Elizabeth, and Carol had their share on Monday, and Autumn was sick on
Tuesday. My mom was ill on Wednesday. Brianna’s grandmother and
grandfather managed to make it to Saturday, almost a full week later.

Single people, there is a new reason to fear children, *plague*!

The Hailey Show

Hailey can’t get enough food to eat. She used to eat two half jars of
baby food in the morning, one fruit, one vegetable, and the other half
at night. Now she will eat both full jars in the morning, both in the
evening, and another full jar or two in the afternoon for good
measure. If she is fussy, stick a spoon in her mouth and she will
start eating. She hasn’t started drinking more milk, five ounces at a
time seems to be her limit.

Random Hailey Trivia
* She has slept through the night a few nights in
a row now. Maybe this will be her new routine. Eat, eat, eat, like a
hungry caterpillar during the day and then sleep peacefully during the
* She hasn’t started crawling yet. I am really amazed by
this. I thought she was about to start crawling when we went to
Houston. She can stand, and she likes to stand, and she can roam
around the house in the walker, but she hasn’t decided that she wants
to crawl yet.
* She has decided that she likes to carried around in
the chest mounted baby carrier (think Mini-Me in Austin Powers, Gold
Member). I carry her around the house almost all weekend in that thing
and she really likes it.
* She has learned a cute little trick. When
she is in her walker, roaming around the house, if she sees Mom or me,
she will hold her hands straight out so we will pick her up. Who could

13 days and Counting

The Longhorn Football Saga continues. This year will be a great season
for the Longhorns. I don’t know how good of a season it will be for
our tailgate parties. Our regular parking spots on Lavaca, at the
Freemason Lodge, are not available this year. Our group normally buys
seven or eight spots in a row for the festivities. This year
conflicting interests will cause the mason’s to keep the spots for
themselves. Our man, Kris, is currently investigating alternatives,
but I fear the worst will come to pass and we will be parking
spotless, and our tailgating will suffer. Do you own a parking lot?
Contact me if you do.

30 days and Counting

August was my least favorite month. August has always signaled the end
of summer and the begging of the fall, school, and cold weather.

Now I like August much better. Now August means that boring baseball
is ending. The start of two-a-day workouts, incoming training camp
reports, and the delivery of season tickets. Longhorn season tickets
arrived today. Hook’em!

It's Not Hand-Foot-Mouth

Hailey’s illness this week was not the hand-foot-mouth that was
discovered in her day care class. No, Hailey had a miserable week with
a stomach virus. She suffered a sore throat, diarrhea, and
vomiting. We were worried that she may become dehydrated so we took
her to the doctor’s office on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. By Tuesday
anti-vomiting medication seemed to help and Hailey started eating and
drinking bottles again. She did not eat or drink anything more than a
sip from Sunday to Tuesday. What she did try to eat or drink she
promptly vomited back up.

On Thursday she seemed fully recovered so we sent her back to day
care. On Friday she returned to the doctor’s office with a sever case
of pink eye. It is likely that we will suffer from pink eye as
well. Joy.