It's Not Hand-Foot-Mouth

Hailey’s illness this week was not the hand-foot-mouth that was discovered in her day care class. No, Hailey had a miserable week with a stomach virus. She suffered a sore throat, diarrhea, and vomiting. We were worried that she may become dehydrated so we took her to the doctor’s office on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. By Tuesday anti-vomiting medication seemed to help and Hailey started eating and drinking bottles again. She did not eat or drink anything more than a sip from Sunday to Tuesday. What she did try to eat or drink she promptly vomited back up.

On Thursday she seemed fully recovered so we sent her back to day care. On Friday she returned to the doctor’s office with a sever case of pink eye. It is likely that we will suffer from pink eye as well. Joy.

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