The Hailey Show

Hailey can’t get enough food to eat. She used to eat two half jars of baby food in the morning, one fruit, one vegetable, and the other half at night. Now she will eat both full jars in the morning, both in the evening, and another full jar or two in the afternoon for good measure. If she is fussy, stick a spoon in her mouth and she will start eating. She hasn’t started drinking more milk, five ounces at a time seems to be her limit.

Random Hailey Trivia

  • She has slept through the night a few nights in a row now. Maybe this will be her new routine. Eat, eat, eat, like a hungry caterpillar during the day and then sleep peacefully during the night.
  • She hasn’t started crawling yet. I am really amazed by this. I thought she was about to start crawling when we went to Houston. She can stand, and she likes to stand, and she can roam around the house in the walker, but she hasn’t decided that she wants to crawl yet.
  • She has decided that she likes to carried around in the chest mounted baby carrier (think Mini-Me in Austin Powers, Gold Member). I carry her around the house almost all weekend in that thing and she really likes it.
  • She has learned a cute little trick. When she is in her walker, roaming around the house, if she sees Mom or me, she will hold her hands straight out so we will pick her up. Who could refuse?

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