Are you ready for some football?

Finally, football season is here. In a rare Sunday night game UT beat
New Mexico State University 66-7. A tropical depression blew in on
Saturday morning and caused steady and constant rain during the
duration of the game. Brianna and I were equipped with our UT rain
ponchos and stayed dry enough to be comfortable throughout the
game. Save, a very deep and horse voice from my on-going battle with
Hailey’s virus, we are no worse for wear.

Our parking situation was been remedied by a so-called ‘sleeper lot
‘. The Westlund’s found a parking garage at UT. This garage advertised
football parking, but it did not fill up until just before kickoff.

Judy and Vicki attended [Mack Brown’s Woman’s Football Clinic][1] on
the 22nd. Here we see JW with Vicki just in the background,
instructing Mack that Kris is spelled K-R-I-S and, YES, Mack can win
the big one.