So, Brianna took Hailey to the after hours clinic because she is
congested, moody, doesn’t eat well, and has a cough. The clinic said
she has [croup][1] and gave her a breathing treatment in the
clinic. Hailey can breath much better now. She sounds 10X better and
is sleeping like a lamb.


She Crawls!

Hailey has officially crawled. She did it first at day care. Miss
Maria tells me that Hailey crawled under the crib, Hailey crawls in
reverse gear, and then began swatting at the bed skirt because she
didn’t wan’t to be there.

Baby Giggles

Hailey [loves][1] the dog. When we come home Natasha is very excited
to see us, but Hailey is even more [excited][2] to see her. It happens
every time.

Brianna took Hailey to work today so they could hang out. Hailey
didn’t really like being around all the strangers. She only wanted to
be with her mom. So Brianna left work early today and stopped by
Babies R’Us on the way to look for Halloween costumes for the
Hailey. We haven’t found the costume that we are looking for yet, but
we now own a Bouncing Jimmy that Hailey likes to play with.

Basically, Bouncing Jimmy is a seat attached to a spring. You attach
this seat to the door frame using a practical scissor type clamp and
the baby bounces around in the doorway. Hailey thinks this is great
fun. She looks a bit like a marionette puppet when she hangs there.

[1]: /media/s/hailey_laughs_at_natasha/squel_01.mp3
[2]: /media/s/hailey_laughs_at_natasha/squel_02.mp3