It's Digital

I found the digital camera that I want. It’s a SLR that is very similar to my film SLR. Brianna convinced me that I should go ahead and buy it, today. So we went to Fry’s and got it. I love that Brianna.

After compiling gphoto from the latest sources, and configuring Linux’s Hot Plug, it even works in Linux.


The Midnight Scream

So it isn’t exactly at midnight but… Hailey has been waking at the wee hours of morning. Not to eat, or get a new diaper, and not out of distress. No, Hailey is waking up at two and four o’clock because she wants to play. When we go to her room, she is sitting straight up in bed. As soon as she sees us she starts to giggle, make noises, and climb all over. I am confident that if I put her on the floor that she would crawl around and play with her toys. We don’t do that though, two and four o’clock are times to sleep, not play.

The reference book and the pediatrician say that you should leave the child in bed during these times and let them cry it out. That is easier sad than done. Especially since Hailey has learned that she can add “dada” to the end of her scream. Resistance is futile.

Hailey has been eating all sorts of people food at day care. It started with green beans and carrots. Now she is eating cheeseburgers, chocolate cake, soup, graham crackers, saltine crackers, and animal crackers.

I’m sure it is hard to eat those crackers or the cheeseburger without teeth, but things should get easier now that Hailey’s first tooth has broken through.


Something Remarkable

For the first time in my history, I finally received all of my rebate checks. Generally, I will not purchase an item if the price depends on a rebate. Rebates are unreliable and subject to odd and unexpected conditions that lower the chances of actually receiving the rebate.

I allowed for one exception when buying our new phones from Amazon. The phones offered a $50.00 rebate from T-Mobile for each phone and a $150.00 rebate for Amazon. These rebates also had their conditions. The T-Mobile rebate required a form and the box upc code. The Amazon rebate required the first phone bill, the packing slip, and a form.

I filled out the forms and mailed the required documentation as soon as possible. The forms were available from the Amazon site but were offered as JPEGs so the text was fuzzy. The T-Mobile rebate forms went out within the first week and both checks were returned in about six weeks. The Amazon rebate had to wait for the first bill. The first bill offered confusion of its own because we had to change our phone number right after we received the phones. The phone numbers that were assigned at shipment ended up being a long distance call from our house. The bill assigned the monthly charge to the new number and the activation to the original number.

To help prevent confusion, I wrote a letter explaining the bill and included it with the rebate documentation. I received one check from Amazon about three or four weeks later. The second check from Amazon arrived today almost eight or nine weeks later despite being sent at the exact same time. I wonder why the processing time has such variation, but I am mostly glad just to get the rebate back without too much hassle.

As for rebates, I still don’t like them. The stores should just credit you at time of purchase. I think this would save them money by eliminating the charges associated with processing the rebates forms, but they probably think that it will cost them more money because as it is now, some people give up before they get their rebates.

I am not sleepy and …

Hailey has a book called I am not Sleepy, and I will not go to Bed. Today we lived it.

Hailey had a great day crawling around the house, chasing the dog, and playing with her toys. When she is crawling, which is most of the time, I chase her down and move her from the walls to the center of the room. She thinks this game of chase is good fun.

While crawling around she discovered the doorstop. She pushes on it and it springs back. She is fascinated by the springing back part. She will sit and play with the door stop for many minutes before trying to sneak off to the back door to try and pull the curtain down.

For some reason, Hailey decided that she did not need to go to sleep today. She had two very short naps this morning and around 6:30 I thought she was about ready to go to sleep. She was getting irritable and would just start to suck on her bottle and close her eyes. It would not be. At 7:30 after playing some more, she began to yawn so we tried the bottle. No, it is not time for sleep. Instead we will eat Cheerios and play some more. At 8:30 we decided to go for a ride in the car. We headed towards Dairy Queen to get some ice cream and figured Hailey would fall asleep along the way. Hailey fussed and cried in the backseat for about two miles and then fell asleep. We decided not to risk letting the drive-thru speaker wake her up, so we turned right and took the long way home. Hailey stayed asleep while she was transferred from the car to the bed and is sleeping happily now.


Fun on the Farm

Hailey returned to day care after missing two days and had a fabulous time. When we go to pick up Hailey, she is normally laughing, playing, or having a fun time on the floor. She will usually start crying like we are miserable parents for leaving her at day care when she notices our arrival. The teachers always say that she is a joy to be around and never acts like that when we are away.

Autumn gave Hailey one of her toys a while back. It is a green tractor/truck looking thing. If you open the compartment in the rear there is a farmer, his wife, and a horse to play with. On the top there is a steering wheel and some farm animal buttons. If you press on the buttons the toy will sing “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm.” Hailey has been enjoying playing with this toy. Mostly, I think she enjoys pushing the buttons. I enjoy this toy because it keeps Hailey’s hands off the remote control.

Brianna has taught Hailey to hold onto the back of the toy and use it to steady her while she stands. She will then slowly walk forward pushing the toy with her. Her first standing steps have been had with this toy.


A Wild and Crazy Ride

It has been a wild and crazy ride here in Dustacioland. In our last episode we reported that Hailey had croup and was recovering nicely after a nebulizer treatment. That was just the beginning, not the end. Hailey required a follow-up trip to the physician and a prescription steroid treatment. Three days of missed work and day care later and Hailey was finally ready for recovery. We should mention that the after affects of steroid treatment include moodiness and general irritability.

Recovered from croup, we sent Hailey to the grandparents so we could enjoy a surprise gift of Texas-OU tickets from Brianna’s dad and stepmom. The football weekend was not so enjoyable though. Nanny continued her recent string of bad luck with a one car collision on the back roads of the hill country. Excepting the minivan, no one was injured. Hailey was able to record her first car accident on Saturday October 11th, the same day Texas managed to wreck the season in Dallas.

Hailey continues to grow and develop rapidly. We reported on September 23rd that Hailey was starting to crawl at day care. That marked the start of the commando crawl, Hailey has since graduated to the classic crawl, chasing her down requires all of our excess energy. Her favorite targets are: beverages, including Dr. Pepper cans and classes of juice; the silk plant by the fire place; and Natasha. Hailey has began to pull her self up. A few days ago we found her sitting straight up in her crib in the middle of the night. Nanny reported that she found her standing in the crib while holding onto the side rail. Day care reports that she stands on the infant ballerina rail and has let go of the rail to take steps.

Despite the development progress the immune system continues to be tested. Hailey awoke early Tuesday evening with a 101.8°F fever. A Tuesday trip to the stand-in physician, Hailey’s doctor was married on Saturday and is away for the week, indicated that she has a contagious virus and will miss at least two days of day care this week.



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