A Wild and Crazy Ride

It has been a wild and crazy ride here in Dustacioland. In our last
episode we reported that Hailey had croup and was recovering nicely
after a nebulizer treatment. That was just the beginning, not the
end. Hailey required a follow-up trip to the physician and a
prescription steroid treatment. Three days of missed work and day care
later and Hailey was finally ready for recovery. We should mention
that the after affects of steroid treatment include moodiness and
general irritability.

Recovered from croup, we sent Hailey to the
grandparents so we could enjoy a surprise gift of Texas-OU tickets
from Brianna’s dad and stepmom. The football weekend was not so
enjoyable though. Nanny continued her recent string of bad luck with a
one car collision on the back roads of the hill country. Excepting the
minivan, no one was injured. Hailey was able to record her first car
accident on Saturday October 11th, the same day Texas managed to
[wreck the season in Dallas][1].

Hailey continues to grow and develop
rapidly. We reported on [September 23rd][2] that Hailey was starting
to crawl at day care. That marked the start of the _commando crawl_,
Hailey has since graduated to the _classic crawl_, chasing her down
requires all of our excess energy. Her favorite targets are:
beverages, including Dr. Pepper cans and classes of juice; the silk
plant by the fire place; and Natasha. Hailey has began to pull her
self up. A few days ago we found her sitting straight up in her crib
in the middle of the night. Nanny reported that she found her standing
in the crib while holding onto the side rail. Day care reports that
she stands on the infant ballerina rail and has let go of the rail to
take steps.

Despite the development progress the immune system
continues to be tested. Hailey awoke early Tuesday evening with a
101.8°F fever. A Tuesday trip to the stand-in physician, Hailey’s
doctor was married on Saturday and is away for the week, indicated
that she has a contagious virus and will miss at least two days of day
care this week.

[1]: http://firemackbrown.com
[2]: http://dustacio.org/articles/20030923.html