Fun on the Farm

Hailey returned to day care after missing two days and had a fabulous time. When we go to pick up Hailey, she is normally laughing, playing, or having a fun time on the floor. She will usually start crying like we are miserable parents for leaving her at day care when she notices our arrival. The teachers always say that she is a joy to be around and never acts like that when we are away.

Autumn gave Hailey one of her toys a while back. It is a green tractor/truck looking thing. If you open the compartment in the rear there is a farmer, his wife, and a horse to play with. On the top there is a steering wheel and some farm animal buttons. If you press on the buttons the toy will sing “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm.” Hailey has been enjoying playing with this toy. Mostly, I think she enjoys pushing the buttons. I enjoy this toy because it keeps Hailey’s hands off the remote control.

Brianna has taught Hailey to hold onto the back of the toy and use it to steady her while she stands. She will then slowly walk forward pushing the toy with her. Her first standing steps have been had with this toy.

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