I am not sleepy and …

Hailey has a book called I am not Sleepy, and I will not go to Bed. Today we lived it.

Hailey had a great day crawling around the house, chasing the dog, and playing with her toys. When she is crawling, which is most of the time, I chase her down and move her from the walls to the center of the room. She thinks this game of chase is good fun.

While crawling around she discovered the doorstop. She pushes on it and it springs back. She is fascinated by the springing back part. She will sit and play with the door stop for many minutes before trying to sneak off to the back door to try and pull the curtain down.

For some reason, Hailey decided that she did not need to go to sleep today. She had two very short naps this morning and around 6:30 I thought she was about ready to go to sleep. She was getting irritable and would just start to suck on her bottle and close her eyes. It would not be. At 7:30 after playing some more, she began to yawn so we tried the bottle. No, it is not time for sleep. Instead we will eat Cheerios and play some more. At 8:30 we decided to go for a ride in the car. We headed towards Dairy Queen to get some ice cream and figured Hailey would fall asleep along the way. Hailey fussed and cried in the backseat for about two miles and then fell asleep. We decided not to risk letting the drive-thru speaker wake her up, so we turned right and took the long way home. Hailey stayed asleep while she was transferred from the car to the bed and is sleeping happily now.

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