The Midnight Scream

So it isn’t exactly at midnight but… Hailey has been waking at the
wee hours of morning. Not to eat, or get a new diaper, and not out of
distress. No, Hailey is waking up at two and four o’clock because she
wants to play. When we go to her room, she is sitting straight up in
bed. As soon as she sees us she starts to giggle, make noises, and
climb all over. I am confident that if I put her on the floor that she
would crawl around and play with her toys. We don’t do that though,
two and four o’clock are times to sleep, not play.

The reference book and the pediatrician say that you should leave the
child in bed during these times and let them cry it out. That is
easier sad than done. Especially since Hailey has learned that she can
add “dada” to the end of her scream. Resistance is futile.

Hailey has been eating all sorts of people food at day care. It
started with green beans and carrots. Now she is eating cheeseburgers,
chocolate cake, soup, graham crackers, saltine crackers, and animal

I’m sure it is hard to eat those crackers or the cheeseburger without
teeth, but things should get easier now that Hailey’s first tooth has
broken through.