Hailey's First Thanksgiving

The goal for today was to start the morning with Brianna’s dad in South Austin, move on to the Hill Country in the afternoon to see my parents, and complete the day in North Austin at Brianna’s Aunt and Uncle’s house.

I think we could have done it, but we didn’t get to find out because my mom was scared Hailey might get sick with the flu if we came to visit. Autumn has had a fever at least three days, the doctor’s office said she had the flu and would be contagious until 24 hours after the fever was no more.

Because of this, we took the trip to the Hill Country from our itinerary. We will see my parent’s tomorrow when we trek to the famous city of East Texas, the renowned Paris, Texas.

I made Alton Brown’s Brined Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious.

Flashback 2002: Last Thanksgiving was the start of Hailey’s landing preparations

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More Pictures

We found an old roll of film the other day and had it developed. We didn’t get a photo CD with the development, so I have been meaning to scan them. The scanner doesn’t work in Linux so I have to reboot into Windows to do the scanning and I have been putting it off, but today seemed like a good day to get it done.

I didn’t want to spend all day in Windows so I installed the scanner software on my laptop, then I hooked the laptop to the scanner and used rdesktop to remotely connect and control the laptop from Linux.

Scanners are made to scan photographs but they don’t do a good job. If you are not very careful when placing the picture and closing the lid, your scans will be crooked. I had a lot of pictures to scan and didn’t have a lot of time to be careful. I needed something else.

First I tried holding the pictures up against the edge while I scanned but my fingers showed on some of the scans. So I tried to copy the pictures with my digital camera but I couldn’t find a good light source. Finally, I made a picture scanning jig out of some masking tape, a clear ruler, and a square. It worked out pretty good.

This roll of film had pictures from everywhere. I think the roll started while Hailey was in Houston for her EEG monitoring. Here we see that Hailey can look pretty even when she has many electrodes attached to her head.

There are a lot more pictures in the album. This is one of my favorites, it looks like Hailey has a mission.

First Day care Portraits

The day care photographs arrived yesterday. Neither pose was very good. Hailey was crying in both of them. We had to buy the pictures anyway because they are Hailey’s first photographs. There could be a bit of a scam going on at the day care. The photographers don’t have to be good because they know you will buy them anyway. They also don’t have a fixed package. You buy by the sheet, $15 for the first, $10 for additional, and they already have printed out the sheets for you once you get there. You can buy all the sheets they have for $70. I decided to only get the larger prints, four sheets total. So they were left with some already printed sheets, I think they were also about to try the up-sale of overpriced frames, but I would have none of that.

When I went to scan the photographs, I found this picture sitting on the scanner, I think I was going to scan it a while back. I must have gotten distracted. That happens a lot these days. Anyway, here is Dr. Brinkman and Hailey D. Jones (The D is for Dr. Brinkman, really it is for Diane but that is still Dr. Brinkman, so there). Hailey is wearing her authentic Hawaiian dress from Meredith and Lisa’s trip to Hawaii.


Off of Work

Last year at this time, we had a mandatory shutdown for the week of Thanksgiving. This week there is no such mandate, I did decide to take off of work anyway though. I have managed to …

  • Bought a bucket to brine the turkey
  • Cleaned and sanitized bucket
  • Repaired and replaced wind damaged shingles
  • Repaired loose picket on fence
  • Delivered one smoked turkey to Brianna’s office
  • Cleaned out the filing cabinet
  • Filled a large outdoor trash bag with shredded documents
  • Completed and put away the rest of the laundry
  • Discovered that we do not own enough hangers for all of our clothes, they only fit in the closet if some of the clothes are dirty

A Photo Album from Nanny Ruth

See the A Photo Album from Nanny Ruth (November 22, 2003) set See the A Photo Album from Nanny Ruth (November 22, 2003) set.

And I Still Don't Shop There

The lowest prices everyday can cost more than you think. Fast Company discusses The Wal-Mart You Don’t Know.

Wal-Mart wields its power for just one purpose: to bring the lowest possible prices to its customers. At Wal-Mart, that goal is never reached. The retailer has a clear policy for suppliers: On basic products that don’t change, the price Wal-Mart will pay, and will charge shoppers, must drop year after year. But what almost no one outside the world of Wal-Mart and its 21,000 suppliers knows is the high cost of those low prices. Wal-Mart has the power to squeeze profit-killing concessions from vendors. To survive in the face of its pricing demands, makers of everything from bras to bicycles to blue jeans have had to lay off employees and close U.S. plants in favor of outsourcing products from overseas.

Emphasis mine. I haven’t been there in almost three years.


Cabbage Patch

This one time, Rob Short brought his mom’s Cabbage Patch Doll over to my house when we were younger, like 16. I can’t remember why he had his mom’s Cabbage Patch Doll, more importantly, I can’t remember how it ended up in the oven, but or some reason we put the doll in the oven. Later that night the oven got turned on and the rotten smell of charred Cabbage Patch Doll filled the house. Right about then, we remembered that the Cabbage Patch doll was in the oven.

I wonder what Rob told his mom?

The Hailey Jones Orchestra

The Hailey Jones Orchestra, conducted by none other than Hailey Jones herself, continues rehearsal. Having mastered the four key piano, she has moved on to percussion. Her latest instrument is the stainless steel bowl.

The instrument is best played with a plastic spoon.


1st Daycare Portraits

See the 1st Daycare Portraits (November 12, 2003) set See the 1st Daycare Portraits (November 12, 2003) set.

Picture Day

Despite the glaring signs at the day care. I did not realize that today was November the 12th or, more importantly, Picture Day at day care. Hailey wasn’t dressed for the memorable first school pictures. I’m not sure what she should be wearing, but I’m sure today’s outfit wasn’t it.

Some more photos of Hailey from the digital camera. Fun on the Farm is fun for parents and children, just not for very long.

The grandpas have been fully documented now, here is Hailey with “Papa “,my dad, and “Grandpa”,Brianna’s dad, and Aunt Victoria.

You know how much Hailey loves Natasha. Well, Natasha loves Hailey right back. Natasha watches over Hailey while she plays and Hailey stalks Natasha while she sleeps.

Hailey likes to play with things that are new or different for her. Anything she can reach for is good. She is lured, like a bass, by bright and moving things.

On Sunday, Tina came over and helped Hailey experience the joy of hair. Here is Hailey with pigtails. She has been eating something orange. All baby food is orange for some reason, as the stains on the carpet attest. You must feed the baby to keep her happy and in the chair.

The Grandmas bought a digital camera for their trip to San Francisco. Here is a picture of Hailey at the mall. Doesn’t it look like Hailey should be at a bar with a mug of beer instead of the sippy cup?

Hailey missed Tuesday at day care because of a fever. Yesterday and today she has been very irritable. For the first time I can remember, day care has even mentioned how irritable she was.