Picture Day

Despite the glaring signs at the day care. I did not realize that today was November the 12th or, more importantly, Picture Day at day care. Hailey wasn’t dressed for the memorable first school pictures. I’m not sure what she should be wearing, but I’m sure today’s outfit wasn’t it.

Some more photos of Hailey from the digital camera. Fun on the Farm is fun for parents and children, just not for very long.

The grandpas have been fully documented now, here is Hailey with “Papa “,my dad, and “Grandpa”,Brianna’s dad, and Aunt Victoria.

You know how much Hailey loves Natasha. Well, Natasha loves Hailey right back. Natasha watches over Hailey while she plays and Hailey stalks Natasha while she sleeps.

Hailey likes to play with things that are new or different for her. Anything she can reach for is good. She is lured, like a bass, by bright and moving things.

On Sunday, Tina came over and helped Hailey experience the joy of hair. Here is Hailey with pigtails. She has been eating something orange. All baby food is orange for some reason, as the stains on the carpet attest. You must feed the baby to keep her happy and in the chair.

The Grandmas bought a digital camera for their trip to San Francisco. Here is a picture of Hailey at the mall. Doesn’t it look like Hailey should be at a bar with a mug of beer instead of the sippy cup?

Hailey missed Tuesday at day care because of a fever. Yesterday and today she has been very irritable. For the first time I can remember, day care has even mentioned how irritable she was.

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